STILL OF THE NIGHT - The Beginning

In 2005, when the band idea of STILL OF THE NIGHT began, it started with the love of WHITESNAKE. No one was doing a tribute to them and it soon became obvious. When looking for band members, it was obvious that we needed a huge force on guitar to handle the wide range of extremely difficult solos, because David Coverdale surrounds himself with the best of the best! John Malzer joined the band as great solid bass and we started our masive search for a guitarist that would be able to play the material and have the sound and pasion. Then JT Harris auditioned for us.... There was no reason to look any further. JT is able to do any style and get the same sound that is required for ANY song! And was easily able to play Sykes and Via. We then relized would needed a heavy hitter on the drums that could be our Tommy Aldridge. We auditioned many drummers but then we came accross NIALL MELLORS. Now, when you play with a drummer you can always feel the engery and if they do not have it to match the music, no matter what, your band will not sound tight or exciting. NIALL had no problem stepping into that roll and is a beast on the drums, which is what you NEED when you play WHITESNAKE. We then wanted to add a keyboardist but we could not find a good fit, so we used tracks. MIKE MCAVAN began playing guitar for us, who is also a HUGE presence on guitar, he introduced us to TREV PAGE. TREV PAGE is an awesome keyboard player and is always researching the correct sound to capture the exact WHITESNAKE feel which was missing for so many years. Playing with Tom Walli in other projects, we finally got a second guitarist that complements the feel and rythme and blues solos that finally roundout this band to make STILL OF THE NIGHT perform a fully tight rounded version of Whitesnake, that we would hope David Coverdale would be proud of.  


We always appreciate, welcome and listen to feedback to better improve our performance. Which is why we have thoughly enjoyed all our feed back! "


Again we are always listening and because there are so many great songs to play. If there is a song you would like us to add to our set list, we will be happy to do so. Also if you would ever want STILL OF THE NIGHT to come to your area, feel free to contact us.




    Jon is the most entertaining singer you will see on stage because of his energy and love of the Stage!


    JT's performance on guitar is unmatched and easily performs Sykes, Vai, and Aldrich capturing not only the feel but the sound


    Tom is a very versatile guitarist that always goes that extra mile to create the sound that is Whitesnake


    John is a bass player that drives the bands performance everytime he is on stage. John's  multiple styles make him the MAN!


    Trev's stive for excellence on Keys shows through the sound and pasion that he puts into every show


    NIALL is a hard hitting metal progresive drummer that with his experience drives the band to new levels!